Awkward Teenage Years

by i am genko

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released October 29, 2009

- The Right Path lyrics and concept by Triana Etx.
- Quiet Afternoon ambient sounds by Joseph Morris




i am genko Lima, Peru

I Am Genko is a live electronica act from Lima Peru. It consists of one person and some machines. They all get along pretty well.

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Track Name: The Right Path
My neck is naked, no gold chains
no fake or real diamonds, no names tattooed across my chest
my books and nightmares are my bullet proof vest
and you, who do you trust? your bling or your song?
all your rhymes are sponsored by your empty heart and full bong.

Selling songs on itunes puts money in your wallet
but also your teeth and soul
are you sure your pride is not the equivalent of a plastic shiny cock?
warning: capitalism will make you look like a slut under a 24/7 parole.

I dont support communism, but i dont encourage capitalist prats
you cant convince me that wearing your Nike shoes will make me walk down the right path
Try writing down something thats not about commercialism
did you end up with a page full of nothing?
The veredict: you suffer from impulsive consumerism.

Your origami world makes me ill,
whats more important man, green papers or how you feel?
Stop spending, your whole life is unreal
its made out of paper,
it will burn
it aint for real.